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FAQ – Chairs Questions and Answers


Please check the Frequently Asked Questions about the chairs. Click on the quick links below to access each FAQ subject. We have started with the most common question
What is the difference between Ergohuman and Ergohuman Plus? Questions and Answers


What is the difference between Ergohuman Elite and Ergohuman Plus Luxury

What is the difference between the Ergohuman and the Ergohuman Plus?

DESIGN DIFFERENCES: The Ergohuman Plus is top of the range, this chair has more polished aluminium parts: all the way up to the headrest and aluminium under the armrests. The star-base has a curved design, on the standard Ergohuman the star-base has straight legs. Overall the Ergohuman Plus is a more “design” chair with more shine.

ADJUSTMENTS DIFFERENCES: In terms of ergonomic adjustments, the Ergohuman Plus has the seat forward tilt angle, whereby you can angle the seat base (up to a 4 to 5 degrees angle) and sit at a forward angle, as if you were slightly getting up from the chair. This position is good for back posture. This adjustment is only available on the Ergohuman Plus, Nefil and Genidia.


Ergohuman Elite & Ergohuman Plus Luxury

New Brand Names for Ergohuman and Ergohuman Plus Luxury

Ergohuman = Ergohuman Elite = Ergohuman Plus Elite
Ergohuman Plus = Ergohuman Luxury = Ergohuman Plus Luxury

Ergohuman Classic = standard Ergohuman : discontinued in the UK
American models names: Ergohuman V1, Ergohuman V2, Ergo Elite Chair

What is the difference between Ergohuman Elite vs What is the Ergohuman Plus Elite ?
The Ergohuman Elite (sometime called Ergohuman Plus Elite, but not to be confused with the Ergohuman Plus) is the same as the Ergohuman. The name change is part of a renaming of the chairs being implemented in 2017.

What is the difference between Ergohuman Plus Luxury vs Ergohuman Plus?
The Ergohuman Plus Luxury (sometime called Ergohuman Luxury) is the same as the Ergohuman Plus.
The name change is part of renaming of the chairs being implemented in 2017.

What is the difference between Ergohuman Classic vs Ergohuman Elite?
This model is a more basic version of the Ergohuman, this chair sometime referred to as the “standard Ergohuman” is the previous model that was sold in the UK prior to 2010 and is currently discontinued in the UK. It is easily recognisable by the large rounded plastic cover hiding the chair mechanism under the seat base, and a slightly different metal frame on the backrest.

Ergohuman Classic - Old Model
Ergohuman Classic or Ergohuman Previous Model with plastic cover under the seat



If you come accross the above chair names, the website you are browsing is in the United States.

What are thedifference between Ergohuman V1 vs  Ergohuman V2? (USA)

Ergohuman V1 (Version 1) and V2 (Version 2) are used to refer to American chair models. These models are slightly different from the models available in the UK. The V1 corresponds to the old model in the UK, which is currently discontinued. In the US they have adapted the V1 with a higher gas-lift and market it to taller or larger users. In the US the Ergohuman V2 is a hybrid between the Ergohuman and the Ergohuman Plus and is promoted for having a single lever that combines multiple adjustments. Currently all of the UK chairs have the single lever. The model at the top of the range is the Ergohuman Plus.

What is the Ergo Elite Chair? (USA)

The Ergo Elite Chair refers to a variation of the chair sold in the USA also called Ergohuman V2.
This chair is a hybrid between Ergohuman and Ergohuman Plus in the UK.


Are the chairs adjustable with one single lever or multiple levers?
All our chairs are the latest models with the single lever adjustment.

Are your chairs the latest models?
Yes all our chairs are the latest models


Do I need a chair with good lumbar support, what are my options?
The Ergohuman Plus, Ergohuman and Mirus all have a two parts backrest with flexible lower lumbar support. This part will gently push on your lower back when sitting and provide relief. The Enjoy, Nefil and Genidia have a traditional backrest all in one piece. The Nefil and Genidia have a mild lumbar support


Are the chair(s) adjustable?
Yes all the chairs are highly adjustable to adapt to each user. For users with height of 1.83 m, please note that the headrest/neckrest adjustment may not go high enough for you depending on your back/neck length.

Can the chair(s) recline back?
All the chairs shown on the website can recline back. If you wish to have your legs supported when you recline, some of the chairs are available with legrest that can be folded out when needed.

Are the armrests fully adjustable?
Yes, the armrests go up/down, forward/backwards, inward/outward sideways and also at a diagonal angle in/out

What are the other adjustments on the chairs?
Chair seat height and seat depth, back height and tension adjustment.

What is the tension adjustment?
The tension affects the resistance of the chair against the user when used in free-float, increase the tension for a heavier user, reduce the tension for a lighter user.

Are higher or lower gas-lifts available?
Yes higher and lower gas-lifts can be ordered. Depending on the chair, we may need to use a different starbase with hiher or lower gas-lifts. Ask us for details.


What is the seat forward tilt angle adjustment?
You can independently adjust the seat base at a forward angle of 4 to 5 degrees so that your knees are lower. This position promotes a good natural back/spine position.

I want a chair with the seat forward tilt angle, what are my options?
Ergohuman Plus, Nefil and Genidia.


Do I need a headrest / neckrest?
Headrests or neckrests are not essential when you are in the typing position but they are nice to have when you lean back, recline the chair or are on the phone.

Can I order a chair first and order the headrest later?
HIn general it is better to order the chair with or without headrest from the start. Some models can be retrofitted with a headrest later on. The easiest chair to add a headrest to is the Mirus. Please also consider that ordering a headrest separately will cost more in delivery charges


I would like a chair with a legrest, what are my options?
All chairs can have a legrest, however the models that tends to be available from stock with legrest are Ergohuman and Ergohuman Plus, Enjoy and some of the Mirus.

Can I order a chair first and a legrest at a later date?
The legrest is factory fitted so you would need to order the chair with the legrest to have this option

Will the legrest be in the way when I work at a desk?
When not in use the legrest is folded under the seat base.

When would I need to use a legrest?
Legrests are especially popular in the home office, for students, modular living spaces, online gaming activities. With a legrest you will be able to stretch your legs and have them supported when you recline back for instance when watching presentations, videos or films.

Do I need a legrest if I order a notebook arm?
Yes, unless you already have a standalone legrest, it would be logical to have a legrest if you have a notebook arm in order to use your computer/tablet in the recline position, and extending your legs.

I need a leather chair with a legrest, is the legrest available in leather?
The legrest is only available in mesh, leather chairs with legrest are in full leather except for the legrest element which is in mesh.

I am left-handed, will I be able to open the legrest easily?
Yes, the latest version of the legrest can be unfolded from either side.

Reclining Office Chairs with Leg Rest and Laptop Table >>


Can I order a chair and a notebook arm at a later date?
This component can be ordered with the chair or later, however it is cheaper to order it with the chair as you will save on delivery charges.

Can the notebook arm support any size notebook?
The platform of the notebook arm is 21 x 29 cm so it is suitable for small laptops or ipads. There are clips on the sides that will secure the notebook and slightly extend the supporting area. Please note that it may not be suitable for some of the heavier or bigger laptops. Contact us to check a specific laptop size.

Will the notebook arm be in the way when I work at a desk?
You can fold the notebook arm to the side of the chair so that it is out of the way.

Reclining Office Chairs with Leg Rest and Laptop Table >>


Do I need a chair with a backrest with a metal frame, what are my options?
Ergohuman Plus, Ergohuman, Nefil all have a metal backrest frame support. Ergohuman Plus and Nefil: the back of the backrest is in polished aluminium all the way up to the headrest/neckrest, these models also have polished aluminium under the armrests.


What is a chair with white frame or grey frame?
The frame refers to the plastic components of the chair frame, these are usually black on all chairs. Some chairs are available with a white frame or grey frame. Please refer to product pages to view images with white or grey frames. White frame: Mirus and Genidia / Grey frame: Ergohuman Plus, 9 to 10 weeks.

I would like a chair with a white frame, what are my options?
The Mirus and the Genidia are available in a white frame.

I would like a chair with a grey frame, what are my options?
The Ergohuman Plus with a grey frame can be ordered on special order with a lead-time of 9 to 10 weeks. A popular option is Ergohuman Plus in grey mesh and grey frame, with headrest, legrest and notebook arm.


Will the mesh give me enough support?
Yes, the mesh fabric provides good support, most of our chairs are ordered in mesh fabric.

Why are mesh chairs so popular?
Mesh chairs are comfortable and have a contemporary look. As the mesh is partly see-through it allows the light to go through. A mesh chair offers breathable support and you never get too hot on a mesh seat.

Is the mesh a soft mesh or a vinyl/plastic mesh?
It is a fabric mesh soft to the touch. The mesh fabric is used on all chairs except the Genidia. The Genidia has a vinyl/plastic mesh.


I would like a chair with a cushion/foam seat, what are my options?
The Mirus has a zero pressure cushion. The foam has been specially moulded to have minimal pressure when sitting. Ergohuman Plus, Ergohuman, Nefil, Genidia and Enjoy chairs can be ordered with a leather seat (foam upholstered with leather).


I need a leather chair what are my options?
Ergohuman Plus, Ergohuman, Nefil, Enjoy, Genidia. (A Mirus leather seat/mesh back is possible with a lead time of 9-10 weeks). Only black leather is normally available from stock, coloured leather have a lead time of 9 to 10 weeks.

Are the leather chair(s) in real leather?
Yes all the leather chair(s) are in real leather.

Can I order a chair in a coloured leather?
Currently most of the leather chairs are sold in black leather but you can order a chair with a coloured leather on special order with a lead time of 9 to 10 weeks.


Do you have different wheels/castors for carpet and hard-floor?
The castors are dual use for carpet or hard-flooring. They are made of a semi-soft rubber suitable for both carpet and hard-floor.

Can the chair have glides instead of castors?
If the chairs are used in a meeting room, you may prefer glides instead of castors. We can supply these, ask us for prices.




How can I order?
You can order online at anytime or call to order weekdays 9am to 6pm on 020 3600 0255.


How can I pay?
We can take payments by credit card, debit card, american express, paypal or bank transfer.

What is the security on online payments?
Our website uses an industry-standard 128 bit encryption certificate provided by Thawte for complete shopping confidence. The payment gateway is powered by Sagepay – one of the UKs leading Internet payment service providers.

Will I get a confirmation receipt once I have placed the order?
Yes you should receive an order confirmation/receipt shortly after ordering. Please check your spam folder if you have not seen our email.


What is the warranty on the chairs?
Please check the warranty tab on the relevant product page, this will show the warranty for each chair model. Typically 5 to 10 years on the chair frame, 5 years on the mechanism and armrests*, 3 years on the castors, gas-lift and mesh. Armpads are under wear and tear. Please note that chairs used in 24 hour offices or control rooms have a shorter warranty.


When will I receive the chair(s)?
It depends on the chair, black mesh tends to be available from stock. Black mesh: 2 to 4 days from order, Colour mesh and chairs with legrest: 2 to 8 days from order, Leather: 3 to 7 days from order. These lead times are estimates for indication only and can vary depending on stock levels. For quantity orders the lead time may be longer.

How will I know when the chair(s) will be delivered?
We will email you with a delivery date (for generic email account such as hotmail, yahoo..etc. please check your spam folder if you have not received our email within 24 hours of ordering).

Does someone have to be in on the day of delivery?
Yes the delivery usually takes place between 9.00am and 6pm. You should make sure someone is present to receive the parcel(s) as the delivery will need to be signed for.

Can I receive the chair(s)on a specific date?
Specify this when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate your requirement. If this is not a model from stock please order as early as possible.

I have received your delivery notification but no one is there on that date.
Please let us know as soon as possible and we will reschedule the delivery.

Can you deliver on Saturdays?
Whenever possible we recommend weekdays delivery. Saturday deliveries are possible in the UK with an additional £15 + vat delivery charge. Please note that delivery may not necessarily be the next Saturday after your order even for stock items. If the chair is needed the next Saturday, please contact us to check the availability of the chair. Saturday delivery are usually completed successfully however couriers will not guarantee, a specific date in case of traffic or weather, in case of a failed Saturday delivery, the delivery would be reattempted on the following Monday. There are no deliveries on Sundays.


Can you deliver outside the UK?
We deliver to the UK and Europe and we can provide shipping quotes for other parts of the world. Please note that we do not deliver to the USA.

The chair is for a Company in the EU, is VAT chargeable?
We can issue a zero vat invoice if the company has a VAT number in the EU. There is a field for the VAT number when you order, once validated it should update your basket to a zero vat invoice. If it does not validate, please enter the VAT number without the letters country code as this information may already be supplied when selecting the country’s address. If the VAT number does not validate, email it to us and we will process your order manually.

Can I pay in Euros?
Yes, at the top of the page near the UK flag, select French language to view prices in Euro and order in Euros.

Can I pay in Euros by bank transfer?
Yes, at the top of the page near the UK flag, select French language to view prices in Euro, order in Euros and select bank transfer. We will contact you once we have received your order


Do the chairs need assembly?
To provide the best protection during transport, the chairs come partly assembled. You will need to slot in the castors and gas-lift, attach the backrest to the seat base and screw the armrests. This should take 10 to 15 minutes. Each chair come with a screw pack, Allen key and assembly instructions, no extra tools are required. (chairs assembly instructions: leaflet attached to the backrest, CD under the seat base for Ergohuman Plus and Nefil).

I would like to book an assembly/installation service, is it possible?
For multiple orders, we can arrange assembly in the London and surrounding area, and in some cases in the South-East. In order to confirm the cost of this service, we would need the delivery address, any access restrictions, parking or off-loading facilities, if there are any stairs or lift. Most installations are performed during working hours unless there is a special request.