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Ergohuman Chairs Reviews – What people say :

Ergohuman Chairs Reviews: Testimonials and Feedback

Buy with confidence: Comfortable Chairs – Quality Components – Dedicated Service. Received, assembled and my back is very very happy. Thank you so much. My brother tried it last night who has been prescribed valiums for pain relief for his shoulder and back. 
He said he felt his back click into place after half hour on the chair!!!!
Now thats a chair!!!
All the best.

Just wanted to let you know that chair arrived safely & our Engineering Manager, Andy, very kindly put it together before I got in this morning !
Very comfortable from the outset, needed very little adjustment. So absolutely delighted thank you. Also Andy was very very impressed with the build quality, hydraulics, etc, etc (all a little technical for me !). He was like a little boy at Xmas ! 🙂  “A serious bit of kit” were his words ! So all in all a great product & great service from yourself / your company.
Many thanks Highly recommended & I’m sure further business will come your way from here.

Kind regards


The chair is very well made, very comfortable (I use it for about 16 hours a day, every day). I waited 12 weeks to write this review to see how it worked out. I am so happy I have recommend the chair to family and friends, 2 of them have bought one, both are very happy. A BIG Thanks to ergohuman for making awesome chairs!

Thanks again for all your help. Everything went very smoothly!
The green chair matches my sofa perfectly. Just a few more days to get my new desk built…
Thank you for having been able to arrange the headrest delivery straight away.
Kind regards,

The chairs are great.  I thought your customer service was excellent. If you would like a testimonial let me know! I will give you five stars!


Everything has arrived.
As I mentioned I am allowed to hold wood & a saw but not at the same time.
My wife will tackle it this weekend so I am sure it will not dare to resist!!
Thank you for all your help & wonderful customer service. It is nice to find in these times of flog ‘em & forget ‘em.
You can be assured that as a satisfied customerI shall tell  (I don’t do forums!) at least ten people how good you are.
Thank you again.
Kind regards

I have just retired and have a bad back. My existing work station chair was past its sell by date. After researching the internet I chose the Ergohuman Plus. Even the my company’s offices chairs and there have been many do not compare to the comfort and support of this new chair. It is costly but there is truth in the saying you get what you pay for. The chair has a choice of adjustments to suit the individual person. The purchase process and delivery were excellent. The erection process was simple both hardcopy and electronic instructions easy to understand

I wanted to confirm receipt of my new chair, it arrived surprising quickly on the afternoon of the 14th Feb.
It is very comfortable and supportive, much better than my old office chair. I am really happy with it.
Many thanks and kind regards,

Thank you!
Received, set up and my wife is very happy 🙂
Kind regards

I bought a chair Ergohuman, can only say was a great experience for me as a customer, they were diligently to provide me any info about the chair, they even send me a sample of the fabrics. They were friendly and really interested what was my needs, the delivery was fast and with no issues. Really please with the company I surely recommend, I will not hesitate to do business again. This review is independent and I do not get payed to say this or whatever. I am just satisfied with the company all I can say you will not regret . About the chair I have tested several chairs , and as my physical condition I need a good chair, only can say this one of the best, comfy lots of adjustments, you wont feel neck or lumbar pain, and it is a very sexy chair indeed.The arm rests are so good was really impressed by them good adjustment, overall it is a very well built chair easy to assemble, good materials, comfy lots of adjustments, great service and friendly,  

Chair arrive in time window as advised, now sitting in it, seems an excellent product, easy to put together. and easy to set up. Many thanks for your excellent service, and for keeping me informed on the progress of my order.

I received the chair today and it’s great thank you! Just wanted to thank you for the awesome customer service and great product! I’ll be sure to recommend you to others.

The comfort offered by the ergohuman chair may be beyond that achievable in any other chair on the market. From the mesh seating that offers breathability, to the carefully crafted neck and back support, it is truly excellent. Added to that are a range of easy-to-use adjustable features such as: the seat slides forwards and back, the armrests may be moved in a whole host of directions and the seat has a nice tilt function. All and all, a wonderful seat for those who spend a lot of time seated while working – especially if at a computer keyboard.
If there was one complaint I could make it would be in relation to the price. I would have liked to get a second seat for my wife but it was unfortunately outside of our price range. Worth the money? I would say a “yes” but only if you can afford one and I suspect that many private purchasers simply could not justify the dent in their wallet. Having said that, if you look at the potential to reduce or remove possible posture and muscular issues (that are inevitable in poorly designed chairs) over the lifetime of the chair (it comes with a 10 year guarantee), then it may well be money that is very well spent indeed.
Good work ergohuman designers! In case you are concerned that this review is too good to be true, it is not. I have not received any endorsement from ergohuman. I have used many (supposedly good) seats in my career, and this is way ahead of the rest.

I just wanted to let you know, the chair is here and it’s FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much for all your help.
Best wishes,

Chair arrived OK and is installed.  User very happy!
Many thanks for your help

The chairs are SUPERB quality. 95% assembled just had to slot last few pieces together. Fit together perfectly.
We ordered unusual colours and should have had a league time of many weeks (as they come from the states I believe) but they had the in stock and we received them the same week. Utterly delighted, will not use anyone else now (bad experiences with other suppliers).

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer means it is important to get your comfort right. This is a luxury however it is an essential luxury if your work means that you have to work for an extended period at your desk. The chair is great adjustable in every possible way and extremely well built, i really like the automatic lumber support. The service from was excellent. I received an actual email as oppose to a automated email with the order and the delivery was quick and reliable within a couple of days as promised. I rarely give a max score, but this product and the service with it deserves a high recommendation.

Many thanks for the update, I have had the box delivered to my office and just finished unpacking and bolting it together… then adjusting it. I must say it’s the most comfortable computer chair I have sat on to date, It took a few attempts to get everything set up right for me, but it feels supportive and it adjusts easily. Your recommendation to order the chair was spot on, if you have any other customers with M.E / CFS who needs a suitable chair for work etc. this model feels like it’s going to be very good. I have yet to work out the leg rest option but with lunch quickly approaching I will soon be able to give it a go.
Many Thanks fantastic service

I confirm that I have received the chair. It was nicely packed and everything is in order.
Thanks a lot for the great service!

Quick note of thanks. Great chairs and super service !!
Thanks for all of your help.

I received the chair today. The difference between this and my old chair is like night and day, it just feels great!


I received the chair just in time last friday, thank you.
I had the week-end to mount it (very easy) and adjust it to my convenience.
I must say this is a very comfortable chair, with robust material and very good quality.
Really happy with my purchase, thank you very much.

Very best,


Thank you very much, you have been of great help!!
I am very impressed with your service, something you hardly find any more in todays market!!
Thanks again,