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Ergonomic Office Chair Ranges - Adjustable Mesh Chairs & Leather Chairs

Choose from the Ergohuman range of ergonomic office chairs. The best selling office chairs are the Ergohuman Elite with the lumbar support and the versatile Enjoy Elite office chairs. The Ergohuman Plus is at the top of the range with more polished aluminium and an extra ergonomic adjustment: the seat forward tilt to promote a natural posture. The Mirus Elite chair is a recent addition that combines the popular split-back design and a cushion seat or a mesh seat with a grey frame option for a contemporary design. The Nefil Chair has an stylish design and the Genidia Chair is the latest addition with a new backrest support technology. Most chairs are available in Full Mesh or black.
All chairs have a wide range of ergonomic adjustments to fit most users dimensions. FREE UK DELIVERY (UK Mainland).

* mesh colours are usually in stock for one chair orders, for quantity chairs orders in mesh colours, please contact us for more information.

About our ergonomic office chairs: Adjustable for you

All the chairs in the Ergohuman range are highly adjustable with a range of adjustments such as seat height and seat depth, adjustable armrests, backrest adjustment and the option of a headrest.  All the chairs can recline back and can be used in free float whereby the chair will recline back and forth with the person, promoting movement and dynamic seating through the day. In these cases the chairs’ tension ergonomic adjustment can be used to suit the person’s weight. The chairs’ backrests can also be locked in position if required.

The Ergohuman Elite,  Ergohuman Plus, Enjoy Elite, Nefil and Genidia chairs have an extra ergonomic adjustment: the seat forward tilt which promotes a natural posture. Most chairs can be ordered with a leg rest support. Thanks to the numerous ergonomic adjustments all chairs can be set to fit most people and provide great comfort in the office or home office. The mesh chairs are very popular and are often available in full leather or with a leather seat and mesh back. All the chairs provide good back support, the split-back design with the flexilbe lumbar support is a popular feature of the Ergohuman range. Seating comfortably is important as it can reduce back pain, increase productivity and staff retention and can decrease absenteeism and health complaints in the workplace.